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A Little About Us

Thank you for contacting us. Square One is Kilkenny's longest privately owned full-day care setting. We opened our doors in 1996 as a Montessori classroom with 4 pupils. The building was initially the owners home and as the business grew the creche developed. We strive to keep the homely atmosphere within the world of fast pace and clinical surrounds. We take time to sit, play and nurture the children in our care.

Although now in our 20th year the ethos remains unchanged, the care and development of children in our care is of paramount importance. I strive to provide a happy, homely environment and to continually improve the care we give children and the service to our parents.

I understand the significant trust that is given by parents who place their children in my care. It brings with it a responsibility that I and the Staff at Square One take very seriously.

Marie Ring


TÚS MAITH NAÍONRA is only one of two Naíonra in Kilkenny that operate from a dedicated premises. We started the ’ás gaeilge’ preschool eight years ago due to the strong demand from children intending to attend Gaelscoil Ósraí. We have since found that many other parents recognise the benefit of early introduction to Irish.

Our Stúirtheoir ( Group Leader) Clár Ní Slattearra is an approved Irish pre-school leader approved by Forbairt Naíonara Teoranta (FNT) , the organisation promoting Irish preschool nationwide. This approval requires that a high standard of Irish must exist in the accredited pre-school.

We would recommend to all parents to give their children the opportunity to try foghlaim as gaeilge.


Choosing a childcare provider for your child is perhaps one of the biggest decisions parents make in the early part of their Childs life. The formative years of a child's development is of the utmost importance.
When choosing a childcare provider you can see a premises, furniture, play areas and staff but it can be difficult to see that all important ‘care‘ that every parent seeks when entrusting their child to carers.
We unfortunately at Square One have no magic way of showing this to you either but there are some distinguishing features of our service that hopefully can give you this assurance.

Direct day to day involvement by the Owner to ensure ‘child first’ care is delivered.
A staff whose senior members have worked a combined 40 years in Square One. This gives a consistency and stability in care that sets it apart from many other providers.
Over 20 years in service which brings with it a knowledge and experience to see potential worries for children and parents alike before they actually become worries.
Our Preschool class is provided by higher qualified staff than many other providers.
A Boutique Childcare Service whose size and setting provides a truly ‘Home from Home’ setting. This provides a very stress free environment and a sensitive progression for children to Early Learning.
We operate lower child / staff ratios than many other providers which means better quality care for your child
Open door policy welcoming parents to visit at any time.

It is these important ‘unseen’ service features which result in a Childcare focussed service.


At Square One we cater for all age groups from 12 months to 12 years. Our groups divide generally into the following age categories:

Wobblers- 1-2 years
Toddlers- 2-2.8/3 years
Preschool- 2.8/3- 6 years
After school- 5-12 years

We offer the following options as services across the age groups. We open at 8.00am offering a Breakfast Club. Our preschool session starts at 9.15am and finishes at 12.15pm. Children attending for morning sessions leave at this stage and full day care children are served a hot lunch by our dedicated Chef. The food is nutritious and varied with fresh vegetables and fruit provided daily. Specific dietary needs are also catered for. The afternoon sessions consist of an activity, tea time and free play. Activities depend on the age group setting. All Children have outdoor play throughout the day.

Square One

Our opening hours are 8.00am - 6.00pm Monday- Friday

We are Tusla registered and members of Early Childhood Ireland

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