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Toddler Room

The primary challenge for a child at this stage is to develop advanced communication skills and to explore social and behavioural boundaries.
Square One supports and facilitates this development by providing a more structured environment while at the same time encouraging each child to express his/her own personality through imaginative and creative play.
In the Toddler age group your child’s vocabulary will increase, your child will start to put sentences together instead of just words. At Square One we constantly encourage language development through various fun activities.

Square One Montessori & Day Nursery

Our curriculum strives to challenge each individual child and to promote self-esteem, concentration and positive behaviour. In the preschool room the staff work closely with each child to prepare them for the more active environment. We enjoy open communication with parents.

"We use a phone app called Little Vista which updates you all throughout the day about how your child's day is going. Parents  can talk to the staff through the app and pictures of your child's activities etc can be uploaded for only you to see".

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