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Preschool Room

The underlying principles of Aistear, the curriculum framework for Ireland, also sit comfortably alongside the Síolta program, which supports children’s development in their natural environment, in those important early years. Our preschool is well equipped with play materials which offers children the opportunity to learn through play. 


We observe children playing both indoors and out—running, jumping, climbing, playing ball, and dancing—and we note their increasing abilities to move with confidence and control, to balance their bodies, and to utilize eye-hand coordination. As they build with small blocks and play with manipulative toys, we observe the gradual strengthening of their small muscles.

We observe individual children engaged in different types of play at different times, and we quickly notice that their play becomes more complex and more social as the year progresses. We are able to assess children’s growing abilities to direct their own play, to make decisions about materials and props, and to assert their own ideas and opinions about what they want to play. As children begin to play interactively, we see growth in their abilities to follow the rules of a game, to take turns, to share materials, and to begin to cooperatively solve problems that emerge during the play.

And finally, as we daily observe children drawing and painting, building and constructing, and engaged in the process of hands-on creative play, often with little intervention from adults, we observe how play supports their growing abilities to express themselves uniquely and creatively, to explore new materials, and to use familiar materials in new and more complex ways.


The word Naíonra means a place for young children

The first aim of our Naíonra is to aid the development of your child through means of play and learning. The second aim of our Naíonra is to give your child the encouragement to learn and improve the Irish language in a natural manner. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to be introduced to the Irish language and as a result gain a huge advantage going into primary school.

“Tumoideachas” means immersed education. This method involves the teachers speaking to the children only in Irish. The teachers help the children to understand by using gestures, signals or picture. Hearing the language spoken around them allows the children to learn words and phrases in a carefree manner. Our Naionra provides a unique language and development opportunity for our children through the medium of the irish language, under the guidance and supervision of our Stiurthoir.

Our Stiúrthóir bases the first few months on developing the children’s vocabulary in the Irish language, once the children have begun to feel more comfortable using and understanding the language, the learning emerges through the language.

The benefits

A higher competency level is achievable in both languages
Cognitive benefits
Broader understanding of different cultures

The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme is a Government funded initiative that provides a 2 FREE years of pre-school to every child in Ireland between the ages of 2.8 years – 6 years. Children can avail of this free year at our Naionra and preschool.

"We use a phone app called Little Vista which updates you all throughout the day about how your child's day is going. Parents can talk to the staff through the app and pictures of your child's activities etc can be uploaded for only you to see".

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